Quality Assurance is not about pointing out problems, its about finding solutions. 

Procedures put in place to have the same quality product every time, this ensures safety. 

We develop your Quality Assurance program to meet your specific operations. We can save you time and money by streamlining procedures and increasing your productivity while keeping you compliant with the current regulations. 


Being knowledgeable with Canadian Aviation Regulations allows us to perform independent, confidential Audits of your Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and Air Operator (AO) while keeping in mind the operational requirements of your company. Our audits will prepare you to ensure regulatory compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations in the current proactive Quality Assurance environment. 


We provide assistance with Root Cause Analysis, Audit finding resolution, follow up and closure. 


Training and Quality Assurance go hand in hand, once everyone is on the same page and understands the basics of Quality Assurance everything seems to flow. Understanding why we do the things we do. Learn about the 5 Whys and how to find the root cause. Training is usually included as part of most audits. 


Ministerial Delegation by Transport Canada 

Full import and export services for your Aircraft or Helicopter. With our prepared guide we can make it a seamless operation for even the most inexperienced importer. We look at the aircraft and review the records to ensure conformance to its type design. Then issue the Certificate of Airworthiness. Cost and time effective. 

We import/export all categories of aircraft from Gliders, Helicopters to Transport Category Aircraft.


Whether you want a new AMO or just need an independent review of your existing manual, we can do it all, from an amendment to complete package with all the forms and documents you need and training if required to cement it all together. 

We have written many manuals, covering the many aspects of specialized and non specialized AMO's including Welding, Avionics, Structures, Components, Parts Distribution, Engines and MCM's for the Air Operator both Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing.

We take your manual from start to finish including liaising with Transport Canada to ensure approval of your manual. 

  • Maintenance Control Manuals
  • Maintenance Policy Manuals
  • Policy and Procedures Manuals 
  • Parts Distribution Manuals 
  • Safety Management System Program Incorporation 
  • Documents Incorporated by reference
  • Quality Assurance Manuals 


  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Director of Maintenance / Person Responsible for Maintenance 
  • Training 
  • Aircraft Recovery 
  • If you're in between personnel or you don't have enough for a full time person, and need to help keep things going in the interim, - call us, we may have a solution. 


  • Quality Assurance
  • Import / Export
  • ​Training 
  • Movie Industry -  Supply aviation related advice and props
  • Financial Institutions - Asset Disposal and Receivership 
  • Insurance Companies - Aircraft Recovery, Technical Witness
  • Educational Institutes - Long standing supplier of Aircraft and Parts
  • Appraisals - Aircraft and Parts

Quality and safety are our primary concerns -   we work on maintaining these goals realistically

References for aspects of our business - available upon request.